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      Doro Handle Plus 334                               Doro Handle Plus 326i
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Welcome to Doro Mobile Specialists EasyToUseMobiles

Doro Mobile phones & cordless home phones with basic easy to use features designed specifically for people with common impairments such as reduced hearing, vision, mobility or dexterity. Ideal mobile phones for the elderly

All our Doro mobile range feature big buttons, large keypads, big screens, simple functions.

Introducing the latest Doro mobile phone from Doro the Doro Phone Easy 332 Mobile Phone.

We now have the new Doro Phone Easy 341 Big button mobile phone and the Doro Phone Easy 409 Mobile Phone, along with some massive savings on the White Doro Phone Easy 410 Mobile Phone

Introducing the new Doro Phone Easy 338 , the new Doro Phone Easy 342 , the new Doro Handle Plus 334, the Doro Handle Plus 326i , the Doro Phone Easy 345 and The new Doro Phone Easy 410 Easy to use big button mobile phones.

The Doro Phone Easy 338 has a big keypad,Large easy to read screen with just simple basic functions it is so easy to use.  The Phone Easy Has contrasting colours and a white on black display for easy navigation.

Available for just £86.96 ex VAT on Pay as you go

The Doro Handle Plus 334 is the most basic mobile phone available with just five large button speed dials, simply the most basic mobile phone.

Available for just £99.99 ex VAT on Pay as you go

The Doro Phone Easy 342 has a big keypad,Large easy to read colour screen with big fonts. It has more functions than the Handle Easy 328 in that it receives AND sends SMS text messages, it has an alarm, calculator etc. Also it has an emergency panic call/sms button.

Available for just £99.99 ex VAT on Pay as you go


If you want to buy or find out more information you can either or visit our Online Shop or you can give us a call on 08450111160 (local rate)

Doro Mobile Phone News

Easy to Use Mobiles - Save ££££s!

Doro mobile phone deals and best prices. Easy To Use Mobiles are exited to announce our  Christmas Sale. We have reduced the price on virtually all our easy to use mobile phones for the elderly and less able. Enabling you to get even more value from the important gift for your loved ones.
Great Christmas present for your elderly relatives

The easy to use Doro Phone Easy 342 mobile phone has a massive £21 saving, so you can get the big button easy to use Doro Phone Easy 342 mobile phone for only £77.39 ex VAT. Our Doro deals don't stop there. The Doro Handle Plus 334 and popular Doro Phone Easy 338 mobile phones come with FREE Desktop Chargers.

The Doro Phone Easy 345 Mobile Phone has £5 off and the Doro Phone Easy 410 mobile phone has a £6 saving. Finally the Doro Handle Easy 330 mobile phone has been reduced even further and is now available with a saving of £36!

Doro Launches Five new Easy to use Mobile Phones - Soho London

30th April 2009

Doro Today launched their new range of easy to use mobile phones with big buttons aimed at the elderly, visually impaired, hard of hearing. Doro have built on the success of their existing range of easy to use mobile phones, improved them, added functionaility and made them even easier to use at the same time!.

Doro announced five new handsets, with the Doro Phone Easy 338, a direct replacement for the hugley successful Handle Easy 328 immediately available. Visit to find more.

The Doro Phone Easy 342, an easy to use mobile phone with big buttons that sends and receives SMS text messages and has a large colour screen.

Doro launched a new improved version of their successful Handle Plus 324, the phone with only 5 buttons! The Doro Handle Plus 334, which now has a large screen enabling the user to see whats there doing even more easily. The Doro Handle Plus 334 should be available mid May

Doro also launched an all new Clamshell design easy to use big button mobile phone the Doro Phone Easy 410. This is the 1st easy to use clamshell mobile phone in Europe and should be available late May.

The Doro Phone Easy 345 was also launched , this is the 1st Easy to use mobile phone to incorporate bluetooth technology and should also be available in late may.

Finally Doro announced a new version of the Handle Easy 326, the Handle Plus 326i which now stores names with numbers and is the physically largest mobile Phone of the range.

Doro awarded Stevie Wonder & Friends Vision-Free Product Award for The Doro Handle Easy Range - 12th January 2009

Doro today won the Stevie Wonder and Friends Vision Free Product Award at the 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The Doro Handle Easy 328 GSM is a large big button mobile phone featuring a large keys and large font display making it very easy to use for the visually impaired. Is the h of the Doro Handle Easy GSM Range.

Mike May CEO of the Sendero Group accompanied by the legend Stevie Wonder announced that Doro had been awarded the accolade for its range of Big button Handle Easy GSM Mobile Phones. May said "We are thrilled that companies like Doro are delivering thoughtfully designed products that make it easier for blind and visually impaired people to enjoy the same technologies that everyone else enjoys. Simple design considerations such as concave buttons on phones, can really empower the end user and change their experience with technology".

The Doro HandleEasy 328 is available now in our online store along with the Doro HandleEasy 330

Doro's CEO Jerome Arnaud reaffirmed the company's strategy to roll out mobile and home telephony products across Europe and the US during 2009. "Doro will continue to roll out more products, working closely with our Doro distribution partners.

New Doro Handle Easy Mobile Phones announced - Introducing the Doro Handle Easy 328 and the Doro Handle Easy 330

Launch Date 7th June 2008

We are pleased to announce the Doro Handle Easy 328 and 330 GSM easy to use mobile phones, with big buttons. Doro have refined and improved their existing very popular mobile phone for the elderly the Doro Handle Easy 326 and Introduced an all new model the Handle Easy 330 GSM.

The Doro Handle Easy 328 is the new improved version of the Doro Handle Easy 326, it now receives text messages, useful for network service information such as top up balances. It has an even brighter more contrasting screen and larger fonts making this basic mobile phone even easier to see and use. This is in addition to a new phonebook allowing up to 100 names and numbers to be stored and located with ease.

The Doro Handle Easy 328 is available in an easy-grip soft touch black or white finish, with large clear contrasting fonts on the big buttons.

The phones is to be launched 7th June 2008 and will be available through UK Doro Distributor MatobMobile at with the HandleEasy 328 shipping now and the HandleEasy 330 expected to ship in early July.

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New affordable accessible mobile phones to be launched In the UK

Launch Date 20th November 2007

Accessible mobile phones are scarcely available in the UK and have never been available for free on contract until now. The new HandlePlus 324gsmand HandleEasy 326gsm break this trend. Easy to use basic mobile phones have never been this affordable. Both are hopefully going to be available free on a special Vodafone contract  in the new year. Currently available for just £79 for the HandlePlus 324gsm on Pay As You Go and £99 for the HandleEasy 326gsm making them the cheapest accessible mobiles in the UK.

The doro HandleEasy 326gsm is an easy to use mobile phone for when you simply want to make and receive calls. Direct memory buttons and a larger keypad and display make dialing easier, while a vibrating ringer alerts you of incoming calls. The soft touch surface provides better grip, and there is an easily activated speakerphone for added convenience.

Forget complicated hard to handle mobile phones! With doro HandlePlus 324gsm you can make and receive away from home with one push of a button.
They are the first mobile phones available with ear hooks for hearing aid users, there are now 2 million hearing aid users in the UK.

The phone is to be launched 20th November 2007 and will be available through UK Doro Distributor MatobMobile at

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Matobmobile Exited To Announce New Partnership With Fonesure

Matobmobile are exited to announce a new partnership with Fonesure, one of Britan's leading mobile phone insurance specialists. This means Doromobile are now able to offer 3 months free insurance on the Doro HandleEasy 326 gsm and the Doro HandlePlus 324 gsm. The 3 months free trial is a genuine offer and has no strings attached you simply cancel the policy after the free three month period if you decide you don't need it.

There are 3 Policies available Fonsure Lite, Fonesure Plus. With both offering cover for accidental damage, liquid damage, world wide cover, and theft up to £200. The Plus version also provides and extended warranty and covers up to £500. Both policies are free for the 1st 3 months and then £3.99 and £6.99 per month respectivly. The policies can both be cancelled at any time with no penalties.

Research has shown that
over 100,000 mobile phone repairs are carried out every week
Over 1.3 million handsets are stolen in the UK every year - that's one every 24 seconds.
Half of street crime involves a mobile phone, 80% of household insurance policies do not adequately cover mobile phones, if your mobile phone is damaged or stolen this could cost you hundreds of pounds as well as causing a lot of inconvenience, stress and hassle.

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Discontinued Products

  Doro Handle Easy 328 GSM                          
    Replaced by Phone Easy 338                     Replaced by Phone Easy 342 and 345

   Doro HandlePlus 324 gsm                                Doro Handle Easy 326 gsm
  Replaced by Handle Plus 334                     Replaced by Handle Plus 326i